Freestanding Backdrop

These backdrops are perfect for large scale events, or events where you are looking to achieve the WOW factor. We’ve created a unique system that allows you to have your backdrop free standing without hindering your overall look. 

Large Wall Backdrops

If you need to cover a large wall space, we can create custom backdrops printed on lightweight, tear resistant media that stick to the wall easily with removable double sided tape tabs or Blu tack. We can create full size wall backdrops so no size is off limits!

Suspended Large Wall Backdrops

Don’t have a wall to attach a large wall backdrop, consider our suspended large wall backdrops. Read about our backdrops with stand hire. Maximum size on the stand is 2.4×2.4m.  

Candy Buffet Backdrops

These are your classic party backdrops. They are easily placed on the wall with removable double sided tape tabs or Blu tack and they sit beautifully behind your buffet table set up. Candy Buffet Backdrops are perfect for smaller events and DIY party planners.

Dimensional Backdrop

Are you looking for something extraordinary? With maximum impact and the BIGGEST WOW factor possible? Look no further!  These backdrops are custom and bespoke built using layers to create the illusion of depth and pop out elements.

Dome Backdrop

Our large sized domes are stunning, framing your customer illustrations perfectly. They are perfect for any theme and can support your balloon display.  Perfect for creating a striking welcome to your event!


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